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Creating new ideas that enhance old business practices through innovative methods of implementing security and engineering solutions. Allowing customers to continually and successfully operate in an austere or rapidly changing environment.

Solving Tomorrow's Challenges

The GRC Group develops intelligence and security solutions that enable our customers to improve their security posture long after our main body footprint has redeployed or completed the contract.

What do we do – We provide the entire roadmap for security. Our commitment to our customers is to empower them with security solutions and actionable intelligence that enables them to become active participants in the mitigation and remediation of threats in and to their environment(s). We strive to specificize new technology to complement teams operating on the ground. Our security blueprint involves combining innovative ideas with "boots on the ground."

How do we do it – By developing innovative ideas, techniques, and ways to implement security solutions as 'The Group' guides our customers to actively participate in and resolve their security concerns. Our security modus operandi involves understanding your policy, your process, and the people involved (PPP). We affectionately call these elements the GRC Group’s 3 pillars of security. Our goal is to Educate, Empower, and provide Opportunity – not occupy (EEO).    

Where do we do it – We are there, wherever there is a need to Increase Stabilization and Build Capacity which allows you to protect yourself, your assets, and other business interests. Our methods of enhancing the security posture allow you to continue daily operations while improving your capabilities. We particularize a solution that fits your security needs!

As a follow-on procedure, we do what we call an After Action Review (AAR) which involves leaving a small contingent of GRC professionals behind to provide customer support. After project completion and time has elapsed, we then reach out to our customers to ask these three questions: How are the policies implemented working? Are the processes developed and implemented still meeting your security needs? Do the people need additional training?

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